Physio Therapy

Physio Therapy

Physio Therapy is the treatment of a great many circumstances and wounds to the body using different types of detached preparation, rub, electro treatment and exercise.

Electrical muscle stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation is a cycle through which low-level electrical flows are utilized to invigorate muscles, driving them to contract.

InfaRed Therapy

Studies have proven that infrared Light brings would healing and pain relief for areas of pain in all parts of your body.

Therapeutic ultrasound in Physio Therapy is a treatment methodology generally utilized in exercise based recuperation. Giving profound warming to delicate tissues in the body is utilized. These incorporate muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons. Ultrasound in non-intrusive treatment isn’t to be mistaken for demonstrative ultrasound, which is ultrasound that is utilized to see within the body, for example, keeping an eye on a baby during pregnancy. 

Physio Therapy

Importance of Ultrasound in Physio Therapy?

Profound warming impacts. Ultrasound in Physio Therapy is frequently used to give profound warming to delicate tissue structures in the body. Profound warming ligaments, muscles or tendons builds flow to those tissues, which is remembered to help the recuperating system. Expanding tissue temperature with ultrasound is likewise used to assist with diminishing agony.

Profound warming can be utilized to expand the “stretchiness” of muscles and ligaments that might be tight. On the off chance that you have shoulder torment and have been determined to have a frozen shoulder, your actual specialist might utilize ultrasound to assist with working on the extensibility of the tissues around your shoulder before performing scope of movement works out. This might assist with working on the capacity of your shoulder to extend.

Non-warm impacts (cavitation). Ultrasound brings energy into the body. This energy makes minuscule gas rises around your tissues extend and contract quickly, an interaction called cavitation. It is estimated that the extension and constriction of these air pockets assist with speeding cell processes and works on recuperating of harmed tissue.

Hot/Cold Packs

Heat and cold Physio Therapy is thought to be more effective than over-the-counter drugs by many pain sufferers. It represents a viable choice in no medicinal pain relief. Temporary medical conditions that respond well to heat and cold massage therapy include muscle strains, joint sprains and any injury that causes visible swelling or internal aching. Chronic physical ailments can be eased with hot or cold applications when pain flares. These include osteoarthritis, migraines, sports injuries, repetitive motion syndromes, fibromyalgia and conditions that cause back pain.


A paraffin dip, also called a wax dip, is a treatment used help to relieve the pain and stiffness of joint and muscle conditions, such as arthritis. It consists of melted, warm paraffin, which is applied to the affected area of the body, such as the hands. The hands are repeatedly dipped into the paraffin, allowed to cool and harden, then easily peeled off.

Why choose our Chiropractor San Bernardino CA services?

Wondering why choose Chiropractor San Bernardino CA services? Have a look at the reasons!


Roller Tables

Reduce Stress: Chiropractors feel that stress can cause intense pain. When people experience stress, their muscles can tighten, causing the spine to compress. The compression of the spine can affect the nerves in the area causing pain in many parts of the body. A roller table can help patients through the use of pressure and heat, to relax by helping the muscles to stretch, relieving pressure on the spinal column, thereby relieving stress. Some chiropractors will lower the lights in the room while the patient is on the table.

Restore Normal Spinal Curves At times when people experience pain, they adjust the way the walk or the way they sit to alleviate that pain. If the pain is persistent, and the adjusting behavior continues, the muscles and spine can eventually contort, further exacerbating the patient’s pain. By using a roller table, muscles and the spine are stretched, so to speak, in unison across the body, potentially helping to restore normal posture.

Improve Balance and Strength When lying on a roller table, the muscles throughout the neck and back are forced to flex and relax. It can stimulate muscles that, for one reason or another, are not exercised effectively otherwise. Exercising these muscles can lead to a stronger back, which lends to better balance.

Increase Spinal Range of Motion Chiropractors feel that lightly forcing the vertebrae apart increases the flow of vital nutrients entering spinal discs. This leads to healthier discs and, in turn, a healthier spine. When the spine is at its optimum, a patient will be more likely, and able, to move more freely. So the more a patient is able to move his back, the more he will be able to in the future as he continues to work his back, allowing it to heal.

Improve Circulation of Spinal Fluids There are times when the vertebrae can become compressed, decreasing the flow of spinal fluids. Fluids are important as they help the discs, which separate the vertebrae, to act as cushions so that those vertebrae are not rubbing one another and pinching nerves. This can be a cyclical problem. To help alleviate the ill effects of this, chiropractors use the roller table to move the vertebrae to and fro, allowing them to separate enough to allow for better circulation.

Chiropractors use several Physio Therapy techniques to help their patients recover from a variety of ailments of which can cause a number of painful symptoms. Intersegment traction is one method of rehabilitation that chiropractors utilize. They use a table, often called a “roller table,” to aid them in this.

Why choose our Chiropractor San Bernardino CA services?

Wondering why choose Chiropractor San Bernardino CA services? Have a look at the reasons!

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