Self Defence 2: Life Style Exercise

Self Defence 2: Life Style Exercise

I want to stay alive!

Do you?

Mugging! Rape! Hooligans! Yobs!

Cholesterol! Circulation! Diabetes! Progressive Joint stiffness! Family genetic factors!

You name it!

Few diseases of developing age can be prevented.

But many – so many indeed – can be modified and risks so much reduced.

There are many lines to follow. Above all – the focus of this article – spinal integrity. The organs all get what we could call their ”electric energy supply” from the spinal nerves. “Electric wires” coming out from between the vertebrae (and skull indeed) to optimise and invigorate all the viscera: heart, gall bladder, pancreas, ‘liver and lights!’. Everything. Not to mention those circulatory pumps, the muscles.

Do you want to stay alive? Then keep your vital nerve supply in tune and functioning to the best level possible. This is the realm of the Osteopath. His job is to maintain spinal integrity, freeing and re-aligning those small but so-vital facet joints. Minimising the ‘electrical shortings’ which so often affect the out-going nerves. A regular, routine preventive three-monthly visit can make such an amazing difference. I know, I’ve been doing it for forty years.

You service your car? Of course. But do you service your spinal nerves? I wonder! Think on it!

I personally prefer osteopathy to chiropractic, although I am trained in both. In general osteopathy uses gentler, safer methods compared to chiropractic, which can be much more forceful. Indeed, I have two partially paralysed legs as a direct result of such over-enthusiastic chiropractic ‘treatment’. Such that I use a walking stick to help.

A walking stick? Now, there’s something …

I am not an exercise freak. I positively hate running. I refuse to (try to) develop bulging muscles. Cycling can be even more dangerous than heart attacks (traffic!!). Keep fit routines? Well, perhaps, but not for me, thank you.

But that walking stick …

As a fanatical martial artist since the age of fourteen, I have practised three hours every night for years. Non-stop, fully committed. I remember being in tears in the dojo (gym) when everyone else was going home and there was no one left to struggle with. I mean that, I really do.

Ah, that walking stick …

Now in my seventies I get an hour’s (and more) exercise every night when walking Tyson, my Staffordshire Bull Terrier. With my walking stick. Practising and exercising sutekki-shin-jutsu techniques – walking stick self defence methods. In sets of ten vigorous stick actions at a time. Invigorating! Enjoyable! Motivating! But so highly practical!

Good for my heart. Good for my stamina. Good for my personal exercise satisfaction. But – hopefully – not good for a would-be mugger …

SO good for my street survival.

The walking stick is a most effective – and perfectly legal – weapon for self defence in these troubled times when no one knows just who might be around that corner! Perhaps no one – perhaps. But can you be sure?

I commend sutekki-shin-jutsu to you.

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